Other Music & Related Companies

In addition to artists & businesses more directly in the recorded music space, we have worked with all manner of other companies in and around the music industry.

Strategy & Planning

The strategies we value apply not just to artists, labels and the like; they are broader marketing approaches which apply to any business. In this capacity we have helped a wide variety of companies to better engage their audiences and drive revenue growth, from audio hardware companies to digital retailers, sports wellness brands to fashion. 

MU x Beatport

We have worked with Beatport to completely renovate their online paid marketing, as well as the reporting and insights behind customer acquisition. This has reduced their Cost Per Acquisition, as well as providing significantly more insight as to user journey thanks to our custom-built data dashboards.

CRM & Owned Platforms

Our belief is that all companies need to create a personalised, high-value experience with their customers. By evolving CRM to deliver this, our clients see significantly more engagement, greater revenue and, thanks to improved data insight, far more understanding of what fans respond to such that they can be engaged more effectively. 

Many companies believe the likes of Mailchimp are the best-in-class CRM systems. We have moved beyond that, delivering robust solutions that deliver far more revenue back through content-aware messaging that caters to each recipient's specific tastes and interactions with the brand. 

MU x Daylight Curfew

We worked with fashion company Daylight Curfew to improve CRM, driving fans from social media into owned channels and using strategies like limited merch drops to push fans into email signups. By also tracking all inbound traffic to determine Return On Investment (ROI) we were able to help the company focus on strategies that drove greater sales.


By connecting the dots between paid inbound traffic, user experience and detailed customer journey insight, we have been able to greatly improve eCommerce for our clients. Our early adoption of platforms like Google Shopping has ensured that retailers are able to be seen in vital traffic- and sales-driving channels, in turn not just driving first touch revenue but also retaining customers to drive repeat custom and with it, increased revenues year-on-year. 

MU x Rough Trade shops

We worked with Rough Trade to increase their visibility on Google Shopping and via Facebook Dynamic Remarketing. Simply by ensuring the company was the first Shopping result for innumerable album titles it had on sale, we heavily increased revenues to such an extent that the company is now the dominant online retailer in the indie music space.

Data Management & Paid Marketing

Often a large part of our work with clients involves improving their insights and reporting so that they have a clear sense of what is going on within their business. By carefully managing data and building out custom dashboards to provide insight upon all activity, we are able to combine this with paid marketing to ensure an end-to-end view of user journey from customer acquisition through to checkout. 

MU x Audeze

We renovated world-leading headphone manufacturer Audeze's paid marketing approach, leveraging extensive data collection alongside comprehensive paid marketing to drive traffic into the company website and in particular its online store.